Monday, March 1, 2010

Bravo Canada

Crazy but loveable Canadians !

I was very fortunate to have a long weekend this week and took advantage of the extra time off and headed up to Vancouver Friday morning.  We didn't expect to get tickets to any  of the events and we didn't,boo hoo !  Although we gave it a good try,it was the question " Would you like the $700 seats or the $1000 seats that sent us scurrying off to the German Hospitality Tent !

It was incredible fun just to be in the city among all of the thousands of people out celebrating the Olympics.  I don't think I ever saw so much red,so many maple leafs , so many hockey shirts and so many Canadian flags in my entire lifetime.  The mood was infectious-even in the rain and greyness of the day-everyone's smiles and laughter brightened the city.

We wandered for hours-all over Robson St and down to the waterfront.  We sat next to a lovely couple at lunch-Amanda & Don- residents of Yaletown who gave us the secret tip on where to watch the Yaletown fireworks !  We had ducked into a place called "The Next Noodle Bar" and had a wonderful lunch of Hot Chili Chicken Soup with a couple of side orders of Shrimp dumplings and mushroom and vegetable dumplings  The place has gotten mixed reviews but I have to say they were spot on for our lunch Everything was fresh and tasty and the service was excellent !

At the end of the day we both felt like adopted Canadians and felt such pride at what our neighbors to the north had accomplished.  British Columbia you outdid yourself-you shined as brightly as the Olympic flame and it was my pleasure to bask in the warmth of the citizens of your wonderful country !


  1. They say that the Canada vs US hockey game had 33 million viewers. My daughter lives in Vancouver but was on a reading break from university but I am always thrilled to hear first hand reports of the infectious excitement of the games.

  2. You must have had a wonderful time there. Canadians were so proud of their victory. I wish I was there too!