Thursday, April 29, 2010

Chocoholic Friday

Whew, what a week it's been.  Trying to do a minor remodel in the kitchen-very minor but hopefully it will create more storage and more baking space for moi !  Had to make a decision about my job and if I wanted to move on to more responsibility-decided to stay put for now ! And last but not least getting ready for a major garage sale next week.  Now I'm not a garage sale kind of gal -truth be told I hate holding them,love checking them out but really hate putting one on.  So you ask why am I doing one-that's exactly what I'm asking myself right now and I haven't come up with the answer yet. And in the middle of all of this mess J and I have decided to head to the Oregon Coast for a 2 day vacation. Ahhh. the coast- the beach just like chocolate makes everything  good again !  And I really need that right now-my spirit needs recharged.   I even felt frazzled when I was baking this week.  I couldn't commit to what I wanted to make for Chocoholic Friday. I would think of one thing and drift to another-very uncommitted and indecisive. And then when I decided on Francois Payard's recipe for pate a choux,pastry cream and ganache I had trouble putting everything together. My pate a choux was a little tough,my pastry cream a little too thick and my ganache-actually my ganache was pretty nice-shiny and smooth. 

I'm a firm believer in being right with the universe that whatever you put out there is what you get back. Unfortunately I was putting out frazzled energy and stress so my little cream puffs were bumpy and lumpy.  Oh well such is life-just a minor bump in the road. Really with all that is going on in the world my little cream puff crisis is ridiculous and guess what? I'm so grateful that it's the worst thing I have to worry about. And a bumpy cream puff tastes just as delicious as a perfect one.  I wish you a worry free life, but if you do have bumps in the road I hope they are as small as the bumps in my cream puffs ! Enjoy.

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